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Alzheimer disease is a degenerative disease related to aging which causes a progressive decline in cognitive function. Alzheimers symptomsinclude impaired short term memory, difficulty retaining new information, language difficulties and difficulty in performing familiar tasks.


Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease of the airways. When the airways are exposed to various triggers they can become obstructed and airflow may be limited. Asthma can cause episodes of wheezing, chest tightness and difficulty in breathing. The origin of the word asthma comes from the Latin meaning "breathing".

blood pressure

Blood pressure is the pressure of blood in the arteries which when measured, provides two numbers: the first blood pressure number reflects the systolic pressure, blood pressure when the heart contracts and pushes blood through the arteries, the second blood pressure number is the pressure of blood when the heart muscle relaxes is called the diastolic pressure.

consumer health

Consumer driven healthcare is a term often associated with consumer health insurance plans which have a high-deductible payment amount combined with a health savings account or health reimbursement account for paying consumer health care costs.
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DASH diet

The DASH diet is natural method for reducing hypertension. DASH (Dietary Approaches to Stop Hypertension) is a diet meal planenriched in fruits and vegetables that can help in serving to lower blood pressure.


Diabetes is a progressive metabolic disorder characterized by chronic hyperglycemia in which glucose (sugar) in the blood is abnormally high. Healthy weight loss is often needed in the treatment of diabetes. A doctor or dietitian can establish a diabetes diet with specific food containing a balance of carbohydrates, fat and protein.

diabetic meal plan

In the treatment of diabetes, the patient may often need to lose weight. A doctor or nutritionist can establish low-calorie diabetic meal plans consisting of carbohydrates for energy intake, fat and proteins. A low calorie diabetes diet also reduces the risk of the patient becoming overweight.

diastolic pressure

Pressure of the blood when the heart muscle relaxes.


Epilepsy is a chronic neurological condition characterized by repeated seizures. Epileptic seizures are classified into epilepsy syndromes according to cause, seizure type, age of onset and other contributing factors.


Influenza is a viral disease that affects the respiratory tract. Seasonal influenza affects millions people each winter. Bird flu is primarily an animal disease. However it can also be the cause of human infections. The H5N1 influenza virus is one of the more serious forms of influenza and affects mainly birds, yet it is a flu strain capable of giving rise to a pandemic.

health plans

Public or private medicalhealth plans providing benefits related to major medical, health, pharmacy and dental health insurance plans.

healthy weight

For weight loss or in relation to a healthy diet meal plan, an individual's healthy weight range can be determined using the body mass index (BMI) which is a measure of body fat based on height and weight that applies to both adult women and men to assess the risk of obesity and becoming overweight.


Blood sugar levels which are abnormally high. See diabetes and diabetes diet.


Hypertension is a sustained elevation of blood pressure in the arteries above the normal figure. Blood pressure is considered normal for an adult at 120/80.

kids health

Health topics on the health and wellness of children including parenting advice, children's health, baby health and pediatric health issues.Kids health ssues for parents include teaching kids health and children's health education about the importance of nutrition and fitness.

low sodium diet

For treating hypertension, reducing sodium intake and following a low sodium diet is often recommended to reduce high blood pressure.

systolic pressure

Blood pressure when the heart contracts and pushes blood through the arteries.

tinea pedis

Commonly referred to as athlete's foot or ringworm, tinea pedis is a contagious foot infection due to certain varieties of fungus. Tinea pedis or athletes foot symptoms include redness, scaling, itching and burning frequently between the toes of the patient.